Renaissance Public Academy is a fully accredited, tuition-free, public charter school.  Parents select RPA to partner with for their child’s education.   Renaissance emphasizes the “The Core Knowledge Foundation” (versus “Common Core”)



We empower children with a well-deserved educational program focused on CORE KNOWLEDGE and CLASSICAL principles.

• 504 and IEP accommodations supported

• Small class sizes

• Individualized learning programs

• Transportation is available with satellite
pickup for out-of-district students

• SMART Internships and College credit
courses are available

• Specialized teaching staff with training
in the classical education model

At Renaissance Public Academy …

Our vision, our curriculum, and our teaching practices are based on a tradition of 2,500 years of education in western civilization. We believe young people are naturally curious and, given the right environment, will seek to discover the principles of human and physical nature.

We believe such an understanding comes from an ongoing dialogue among students with the best their civilization has to offer: in other words, by reading about and discussing the classics of literature, philosophy, rhetoric, history, science, mathematics, and the arts. Students at Renaissance will read books, serious books, in order to learn how to critically evaluate humanity and the human condition.

We also believe young people should be more than smart; they should be good. To this end, we believe students, faculty and parents must be held accountable for their words and actions. They should conduct themselves according to common standards of politeness and decorum and be corrected whenever they fail to do so.

We believe such an environment is the only one that enables young people to acquire virtues of responsibility, self-control, and good citizenship. As part of the curriculum, students will conduct enlightening logical discussions about the topics covered in class. We strive to provide students with critical thinking skills necessary to be successful and make well-informed decisions in their daily lives.