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Renaissance Public Academy is an equal opportunity educator and employer.



Current Opening:

Application “packet” as defined by position may be:

(1) mailed to PO Box 208, Molalla, OR 97038-0208
(2) faxed to 503-759-7004
(3) or e-mailed to

For consideration toward a Teaching position, submit all items below.    

For “Instructional Aide” applicants, download and complete as much as possible of the employment form.

  1. Download an employment application (or select form to complete online). Complete in full; sign and date. Incomplete and/or unsigned applications will slow down your application process, and may cause your application to be immediately rejected on that basis.
  2. your completed application
  3. a current resume’
  4. a copy of your current Transcript.  (An original will be required prior to completion of the hiring process.)
  5. Documentation specific to your Teaching License
  6. a letter of interest (250 words or fewer explaining why you are interested in being a part of Renaissance Public Academy)

Candidates being seriously considered for any teaching position at Renaissance Public Academy will be invited for an on-campus interview. Teaching candidates will teach a class to actual students as part of the interview process. If submitting an application toward employment, please e-mail any questions to the Administration.

While considering your application toward teaching, you are encouraged to consider the following: Internally, current teacher assignments may be modified to accommodate based on qualifications and need. Additionally, changes in staffing over the summer may occur, leaving other positions open for consideration.

RPA has an ongoing recruitment of teachers and substitutes for all disciplines. There is a need to build our pool of potential substitute teachers, with the possibility of being used to cover any class within the curriculum. Any questions regarding being added to our list of substitutes may be directed to the office via E-Mail or call (503)759-7002.  Please send a completed application, the items noted below, and the Substitute Registration form.

  1. A current resume
  2. College transcripts and statement with supporting documents of Highly Qualified status if applicable. Applications without accompanying transcripts will not be considered. An unofficial copy may be submitted initially. An original of official transcripts will be required to complete the hiring process
  3. Current information with respect to TSPC records and designations. (copy of license, specific testing results)

Employment Interest and Procedures
We encourage all visiting this page to review as much of the website as possible, specifically the “About Us” and “FAQ’s” pages, to learn more about the school’s curriculum, classical education, and our focus. For open positions, based on receipt of completed applications and all required paperwork, the Board or individual/s responsible for interviewing and hiring will determine the applicants they will contact toward an interview. Those individuals will be contacted directly by the hiring coordinator for that position. Files for other applicants not selected for an interview at this time will be retained for future reference. For substitute applications, we will respond upon receipt of documentation and inform you of any decision regarding your being added to our on-call list.

RPA generally operates on a 4-day week (Monday through Thursday unless Monday is a holiday. In those cases, the school week is Tuesday through Friday). For the 2017-2018 School year, the first day of school was Monday, August 28th and the last day of school will be Thursday, June7th. School begin promptly at 7:30 and students are released at 3:00. The second and third weeks are 5-day, giving teachers and students the opportunity to re-focus and re-group after their summer break. “Friday School” is an opportunity for students to receive additional instructional support based on the request of the student, parent, and/or teacher. There are six of these throughout the school year. Bus service will be provided on an adjusted schedule, with the “school” session running 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The balance of the day is “in-service” for Teachers. Employees have additional days focused on in-service, training, and conferences. Graduation is projected for June 1st​.

Current Employees

Employee Handbook 2019-2020

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