RPA mascot

At Renaissance Public Academy, our program will encourage students to:

  • Be serious about their education.
  • Work diligently on meaningful assignments.
  • Demonstrate good character.
  • Participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.
  • Be in class to learn, not just to get by or to goof off
  • Enjoy spirited discussions and debate.
  • Be articulate, thoughtful, and hard working.
  • Gain the skills necessary to be accepted into the great colleges


“I’m happy with my bus load and with my students altogether. These kids are so far beyond the norm that they’re not even in the same realm as other students I’ve served. The Renaissance students on my route are a genuine pleasure to spend time with. You and the rest of the staff deserve the highest commendation. The kind of excellence that you are propounding enhances ALL our lives! Congratulations and kudos to you.” (First Student Driver/Forrest, Route #42)

Gwen and Sierra on the steps of the Capitol Building in Salem after being honorary pages for a day. (February 2015/submitted by parent)

Congrats are in order…

Renaissance entered the Regional Skills Contest for the first time in 2015! With our 24 high school students participating in the 37th Annual Clackamas Regional Skills Competition, February 26th, the results were great! This annual event, similar to modern day athletic events, offers competition for today’s academic, career, and technical education students.

Math Individual Competition Level 3, RPA took 2nd and 3rd place (Jason Schwartz and Savannah Cruthers respectively).

RPA took 1st place in the Math Team Competition Level 1 with Gladstone HS taking 2nd, and Canby HS taking 3rd.  This team consisted of Jason Schwartz, Kameryn Myers, and Savannah Cruthers.

The Leadership Team (Sierra Goodson, Augusta Grassl, Brandon Berthrong, and Madison Adams) also placed very well.    Thank you, Clackamas Community College for hosting this special event. (02/26/15)

Civil War Reenactment

An annual event for elementary grades under the guidance/instruction of Ms. Kimmel.


Washington DC

Eight of our HS Scholars (along with Mr. Clay and Mrs. Goodson) spent a few days in Washington, DC in April 2015!  Mr. Clay’s parents played “host family” and were exceptional.  For some of our students, this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Lots of activities; lots of choices – for some it included visiting the Smithsonian … 

Many and varied art forms are displayed throughout our nation’s capital.  This circular art graces the ceiling in the building housing our Supreme Court.

4/20/15 – “The Korean War Memorial. The kids were so respectful and knew how special these places are. The flags were at half-mast in honor of the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.” (Quote from Mrs. Goodson)

The only DaVinci painting in the United States – at the National Art Museum.

This is the World War I Memorial. It was early in the morning so we were able to see some of these places without much of a crowd.