Congratulations are in order!

… to each Knight honored during the 2015-2016 School Year for exemplifying the noted Pillar of Character.

  • Citizenship (September) ~ Abby Stoner  (HS); Esi Orloff (MS); Lanie Mead (Elementary)
  • Courage (January) ~ Dylan Ashmore (HS); Lily Goodson (MS); Megan Meeker (Elementary)
  • **Gratitude**(December / not on our pillars) ~ Augusta Grassl (HS), Chloe Hardman (MS), Nate Gonzales (Elementary)
  • Honesty (February) ~ Laila Wilcox (HS), Nathan Dustin (MS), Katie Habeck (Elementary)
  • Humility (March) ~ Savannah Enz (HS), Enrique Martinez (MS), Katie Slade (Elementary)
  • Integrity (April) ~ Sierra Goodson (HS), Jarome Gonzalez (MS), Helena Otter (Elementary)
  • Perseverance (May) ~ Bethanie Tompkins-Beaudry (HS), Sam Dunbar (MS), Roberto Santos (Elementary)
  • Respect (October)Cole Conner (HS); Claire Schultz (MS); Annah Orloff (Elementary)
  • Responsibility(November)Tina Bodunov (HS), Ethan Ballinger (MS), Gabbie Farnsworth (Elementary)
  • Elementary Leadership – Lanie Mead, Hunter DeRisio
  • American Citizenship Award – Claire and Samuel Schultz
  • President’s Award for Educational Excellence – Jason Schwartz, Gwen Plotner, Abby Stoner, Brandon Berthrong
  • Scholarship Recognition- Savannah Enz, Cole De Risio
  • Renaissance Exemplar of the Pillars of Character – Augusta Grassl

prudential spirit community service awardPrudential Spirit of Community Service Awards (presented in December) ~ Cole DeRisio, Aiden Severson, Sam Schultz, Sierra Goodson, Savannah Enz

1st Annual Saturnalia Celebration (Roman celebration of the winter equinox) ~ a fun, light-hearted look at ancient traditions. RPA celebrated with an extended lunch and several fun activities including a contest to determine our King or Queen of Unruly. 1st and 2nd place winners were:  1st:  Queen Emma Helmig; 2nd:  King Dylan Ashmore. Our drama students wrote and performed two skits specific to the theme.

XVINext:  Celebrating the Roman New Year on Monday, March 7th.  Watch for more information through Magister Murtaugh.

In recognition of Students and Staff for their exemplary behavior or work …

MLK on Education2016 Annual Subject Awards: – As has become one of many traditions at RPA, Subject Awards were presented at the end-of-year assembly to students who, based on the teachers’ observation, truly excelled in the subject and as models of the Pillars of Character. Congratulations to each of you.

  • In Latin: Chloe Hardman, Sierra Goodson
  • In Math: Emma Cortes, Madison Adams, Jason Schwartz
  • In Science: Chloe Hardman, Abby Stoner
  • In Literature: Natalie Huff, Brandon Berthrong
  • In History: Esi Orloff, Gwen Plotner

Clackamas Community College Regional High School Skills Competition 2016

Congratulations to all of our students who competed at the Regional Skills Competition!

Here are the students who placed:
Jason Schwartz– 1st Place, Individual Math Competition, Level 4

Braden Lindsey & Sam Schultz– 2nd Place, Renewable Energy Technology

Madison Adams, Hunter Enz, Savannah Enz, Sierra Goodson, Augusta Grassl, Gwen Plotner, Abby Stoner– 3rd Place Leadership

Sakira Ballinger– Honorable Mention, Visual Arts

Perfect Attendance

We had three students with perfect attendance for the 2015-16 school year! That is a big accomplishment and we’re very proud of these young people-

Lauren Cortes (4th Grade), Wyatt Means (4th Grade) and Naveen Ramos (6th Grade).

Congratulations to you!

Congratulations to our graduating Senior Classes!

Graduating Class of 2016

Graduating Class of 2015 (No Seniors)

Graduating Class of 2014

Graduating Class of 2013

Haley Lanier

Haley Lanier

Graduating Class of 2012 * 1st Graduating Class


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