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Renaissance Public Academy is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Enrollment forms and helpful information follow the “Notice of Intent/Interest” online form below.


The enrollment process for RPA follows a Lottery format which begins in mid-February, focused on current families. As of mid-March, we move into in Open Enrollment. Being a public charter school, students attending are not limited to those residing within the boundaries of Molalla River School District. As we reach or exceed the number of open spaces we have per grade, priority is given to siblings of current scholars and MRSD residents, and, new registrants are entered in a Lottery toward potential placement. Our goal is to maintain each class/grade at no more than 25 students/scholars.

More Information or Enrollment Form

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If your intent is to “enroll,” (now, next school year, or in the future) please complete and submit the registration/enrollment forms below as soon as possible. We will contact you in response to any questions and, upon receipt of the “notice of interest,” will promptly follow-up with you. The registration packet forms are included with links immediately below the “Notice of Interest” online form.

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Your Message - Please include a note advising if this is merely a request for additional information or if you are strongly interested, how you learned about RPA, what is it that drew you to contact us, as well as a reference to any unique services your child receives (SPED, IEP, 504, etc.):

Enrollment Packet

Items # 1-9 required for All New Scholars – all grade levels (Item 3 and 4; as selected)

Important ~ click to read: Welcome/Greetings!

  1. New Student Checklist – The family and the school will use this as a reference to be sure all forms are received and processed
  2. Authorization Release of Records (complete as much as you can; and provide it to us as soon as possible. We will research for a fax number if it is unknown.)
  3. Enrollment Form (English) or Enrollment Form (Spanish)
  4. Enrollment Special Service Needs
  5. Health Release Form
  6. Enrollment Check List
  7. Authorization for Medication Administration – If your scholar will need to take any form of medication (Prescription or non-Prescription) while at school, please complete and submit this form with the enrollment packet.
  8. RPA Communications/Contact Form
  9. Home Language Survey RPA
  10. Family and Student Contract
Important additional documentation:
The following items “should” be with documentation received by RPA from your child’s last school as they respond to the “Authorization for Release of Records.” If your child was not in a public school last year, please provide the following documents. If these are not included in records received from most recent/prior school, we will notify you as soon as possible so you can arrange for RPA to receive the these required items:
  1. A completed Immunization Form
  2. A copy/photocopy of the child’s original-issued birth certificate or other documentation which confirms noted Date of Birth. (Preference is a photocopy of the child’s government-issued birth certificate.)

Important Vaccine Information for school year 2016 – 2017

Highly Encouraged and very much needed: Family Involvement as Volunteers – In order to participate as a volunteer, required forms (and a $5 payment from you to RPA) must be completed and submitted to the office at least 10 days prior to the event, allowing us essential time to complete the required background check. Click here to go directly to our Volunteer Page where the forms are provided, as well as a link to the required “Child Abuse Awareness Training.”

Additional information regarding registration for the 2016-17 school year:
In the weeks immediately prior to classes beginning, a parent/scholar orientation is held on campus. For students enrolling after school starts, information is provided by the office or a member of the Board of Directors.

Grading information, assignments, and attendance will be recorded in Synergy. You will be provided access information into your student’s online records. If you have any questions about information on their Synergy record, please contact the teacher specific to that class.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in providing an excellent educational experience for your child. Thank you for selecting Renaissance Public Academy as an integral part of your team.


RPA and Sports – our affiliation with OSAA (Oregon School Activities Association): Renaissance annually renews as an “associate member” of OSAA. Though we do not form RPA-specific teams, scholars are eligible to participate in sports programs in their “home-district.” In the past, MRSD has allowed our 4th-8th grade scholars to register and participate in MRSD-based sports. Approval by the District is required and includes a review of the scholar’s grades of record. There are several RPA students participating in sports for Molalla River School District, Canby School District, and Silver Falls School District.